Commonly Asked Questions About Thin Wine Coolers

Every oenophile knows and loves wine coolers for their capacity to keep our wine in the perfect environment. Collecting wine is one of life’s pleasures, and being able to store that wine, and have it at ideal serving temperatures, has many people running to the Online window shopping for coolers has reached insane levels and shows no signs of slowing down. While a cellar would be brilliant, modern homes simply don’t have that much space. The great news is that you can still have a tiny house and a wine cooler that fits your needs. A thin wine cooler, for instance, can be tucked in almost anywhere. There has been some confusion about the efficacy of slimmer coolers which is easy to dispel.

Is a Slim Cooler Effective?

Absolutely, yes. The narrowness of the model does not affect its working in any way. Thin coolers are just as effective at maintaining the temperature as broader ones. The only real difference is that it will likely only have one temperature zone due to its size. Bigger fridges can offer dual temperature zones. Caring for your appliances with regular cleaning is still the same irrespective of size. Unlike big fridges, your slender fridge can fit into awkward corners. There is also the option of having your thin unit installed into an existing cabinet, allowing it to blend into your decor with style. Choosing your wine cooler will be simple by carefully considering your available space and wine collection.

Cooler Choices

Although a slimline cooler can fit anywhere, some factors need contemplation. The cooler should never be in direct sunlight, nor on or against any other appliance. The latter is to prevent unnecessary vibration, which wine loathes. If your unit is free-standing, the floor should be level and uncarpeted. (You can always put a plastic mat underneath in case of spills). When you have decided on size and location, take the time to search online to see what options are available. There are slim coolers and super-skinny ones, making fitting them easier. The research will go a long way to finding the perfect model at the ideal price. Interior decor sites are full of innovative ideas for unusual places to put your new cooler. Scrolling through a few such sites may inspire you to cool creativity, yet another good reason to buy a cooler.

Value of a Wine Fridge

Besides the obvious benefit of owning a high-tech appliance, wine coolers save money in the long term. Homes with built-in coolers command higher sales prices due to the perceived luxury lifestyle, a fact that estate agents love. As a wine drinker, you will be able to indulge in any wine sales, knowing you have the correct storage waiting. Correctly stored wine retains its flavour, meaning a lot less wine wastage. Wine can be stored and aged for future sales. Acceptable wine prices are rocketing, and the smart money looks at wine investment as an asset worth pursuing. Such a list of advantages leads to daydreams of a slimline wine cooler in every corner. That’s a fantasy worth raising a glass to – Kippis!

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