Creating a More Mold Resistant Home

There is no way to completely make your home a complete mold-free zone, but you can reduce the problem with a few simple changes. Below are some easy ways to guard against a mold infestation that can prove costly to your home and health.

Inspect for a Current Mold Problem

Have your home inspected from top to bottom for mold problems. An expert will know exactly where to look and what to recommend for removal. This is an important step to take before doing the necessary things to make your home more resistant to mold.

Reduce Moisture Problems

Mold needs moisture in order to grow and thrive. Moisture can be a problem in areas you would not often think about. Under refrigerators, behind toilets, the base of showers and tubs, HVAC drains, window sills, gutters, clogged outside drains and much more. leaking plumbing pipes are a major water source for mold. Getting these problems dealt with can cut off the life supply of water from mold, lowering your chances of dealing with a huge problem that is hard to contain.

Reduce Humidity

Climates that are humid can provide enough moisture to feed the needs of growing mold. Add a dehumidifier to areas that seem overly damp. There is too much humidity if you can feel dampness on walls and counters. This is how mold can thrive in the back of dark closets and in the deep recesses of kitchen cabinets.

Proper Ventilation

The creation of good air flow in the home will help prevent the growth of mold. If the spores cannot stay settled in one area, chances are they will not begin to grow into a problem. Make sure that all vents are unclogged and consider adding vents to the roof and basement, or crawl space. These are prime areas that offer the perfect environment for mold. Adding proper amounts of ventilation will reduce the problems associated with these areas.

Clean Vents and Change HVAC Filters

All of your heating and air conditioning vents should be cleaned on a regular basis. Mold spores will make their way into the home through this avenue, since fresh air is drawn in through the HVAC system. Change the filter at least twice a year to rid the home of mold spores that have been trapped in the material.

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