Moving to Where the Action is Has Made Me Happy

When I move to this city, I was immediately drawn to to the south side to live and work. The area simply appealed to my taste back then, and that particular part of the city had a much more small town feel at that time, too. A lot can change in 20 years time, however, and the apartments in north Austin began to have much more appeal to me. That’s because the other side of town is much more popular due to all the businesses and activities that are located there. I wanted to be where all that action is.

I grew up as a country boy, so when I first came to this town, I fit in well with south Austin. There has been a lot of growth with businesses and homes in that area, but not as much as there has been on the other side. There, it is much easier to find a job, and there are a lot of businesses and places to visit. One of the most well-known companies in the world is located across town, and I was hoping that I could land a position there. If it worked out, I knew that I would need to move closer to where they are located.

I really surprised myself,= when I got a job with the company. It’s not very easy to get hired on there. It was amusing to think of myself as being good enough, but they certainly saw something in me because they hired me!. Within days of learning that I got the position, I started looking for a new place to live that was located. It was smart to get a place there because my travel time only 10 minutes roundtrip between home and work. It is fantastic. On days when the weather is really nice out, I leave my car at home and jump on my bike to get to travel to work with no trouble.