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Responsibilities Of A Landscape Architect A landscaper is a learned individual who makes adjustments to soil and water so as to create outdoor patterns that are extremely pleasing to the eye. He is also referred to as a landscape architect. After the construction of a building, it is always necessary for the owner to beautify its surroundings. A landscape architect is the only professional known to be able to achieve this. He is equipped with the knowledge of playing around with patterns so as to achieve a more desirable outdoor look. All designs done by a food landscape architect are in such a way that they compliment with the surrounding buildings. He works hand in hand with the plumber during the construction phase to ensure that all water pipes have been properly laid out on the ground. A landscape architect always provides good advice to his customers on matters relating to outdoor spaces since he is the one who can s most knowledgeable in that area. In addition to this, he determines the type of flowers to be planted within a compound. It is because of this that clients can make very informed decisions at the end of the day.
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For a landscape architect, order is key. A landscaper always designates locations where vegetation will be planted and other places that will be left bear so as in the end to come up with a very distinct design. In so doing, he helps achieve a sense of uniformity.
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A landscape architect also trims hedges whenever they are fully grown. From time to time he mows the grass to one level.Rime and again the landscape architect cuts all the grass within a compound to one level. Hence, the landscape not only plants vegetation within a compound but also helps maintain it. On a daily basis, the landscaper is expected to water the vegetation so as to prevent them from drying up. It is his duty to ensure that all water works leading to and from the installed fountains are working properly. In the event that a fountain breaks down it is his duty to do all the necessary repairs. Plants just like animals are also affected by diseases. It is, therefore, the sole responsibility of a landscape architect to identify these diseases and then find ways of counteracting them. For instance, he might spray the affected plants or flowers using a given fungicide so as to get rid of the diseases. Finally, a landscaper advises his client on the types of vegetation that will thrive in a particular type of soil. Because of this, a lot of resources are used sustainably since cases of trial and error are eliminated. It is because of this that landscape architects are considered to be very important people especially within the construction industry.