3 Types of Mulch

Mulch can enhance the look of any outdoor space. It can also protect the health of the soil it is spread upon. Look into mulching services Cincinnati Ohio to learn more about the benefits of utilizing mulch. Check out this list of three kinds of mulch.

1. Wood Chips

Wood chips are a commonly utilized type of mulch because they are heavy enough that the wind cannot blow or scatter them away. Fresh wood chips, which suck up nitrogen from the soil, should be placed on the topmost surface of planting beds. Aged wood chips will not leach nitrogen from the soil, so they can be utilized extensively around trees and shrubs.

2. Shredded Bark

Shredded bark is known for its durability. It breaks down relatively slowly, so it can last for one to three years if one maintains it properly. Pine, cedar, and eucalyptus trees can be employed to make shredded bark; thus, the bark can come in different scents as well as various colors, such as black, red, and brown. Many shredded bark brands are able to regulate the temperature of a plot of soil in addition to helping it retain moisture.

3. Grass Clippings

A plethora of people use fresh grass clippings as a form of organic mulch. Grass clippings can nourish an area of soil and impede the growth of weeds. These clippings are great for flower and vegetable gardens because they are filled with a substantial amount of nutrients. Note that if one has a lawn that has been chemically treated, it may be best to refrain from using its clippings as a source of mulch.

For a very long time, mulch was used to improve the greenery of residential and commercial spaces. There are so many different kinds of this material one can utilize.

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