5 Minimalist Bathroom Design Inspirations

The bathroom is an important room that must exist in every home. Along with the times and technology, now there is a minimalist bathroom. This bathroom does not take up much space in your home. Here is a minimalist bathroom design inspiration that you can apply:

Minimalist Bathroom

1. Minimalist Bathroom

Don’t have much space for the bathroom, you don’t need to worry. You can still put all the bathroom accessories in one small room. The trick is not to give insulation to each other like this one design. Designs like this are considered effective for getting a bathroom that looks spacious.

2. Modern Bathroom

If the area of your house is really small enough to add a bathroom, you can try this one design. You can really use the empty space under the stairs of your house to make a bathroom. Besides being efficient, the bathroom under the stairs is also effective in filling the empty space in your house. Oh yes, a design like this also makes your bathroom look modern, right?

3. Simple Bathroom

You can really imitate this minimalist bathroom design. Using a medium-sized and hanging bathtub will make your bathroom more spacious. You can get the illusion of a wide bathroom because you no longer need to add a large bathtub. This empty area under the bathtub can also be where you store your dirty clothes. Minimalist and very simple, right?

4. Unique Bathroom

The bathroom doesn’t always have to be in the room. It turns out that you can also make a bathroom in an open space like your backyard. Apart from saving energy for lighting in this bathroom, designs like this are also very unique and worth a try. Who doesn’t want to try the sensation of bathing under the sky?

5. Minimalist Bathroom With Mirror

Installing a mirror in your minimalist bathroom turns out to have a big effect. A mirror mounted on the bathroom wall will give the illusion of a wider and more spacious bathroom. For tips, you can use a large mirror that is mounted on the wall near the bathroom door. In addition to mirrors, windows that can be opened will also give a broad illusion to your minimalist bathroom.

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