6 Kitchen Updates That Won’t Break the Bank

Are you tired of your kitchen’s look? Do you want to change things up but don’t have a huge budget? You can give your kitchen a lift without costing a fortune. Consider making small changes that enhance the space but don’t require a loan or debt. The following are six quick and reasonable modifications to make.

1. Spring for New Faucet

Fixtures make a statement, and a faucet, although a pretty functional tool, does provide some style to your kitchen. Get rid of your old one and install a faucet that adds some interest.

2. Get a New Sink

While you’re upgrading the faucet, look into a new sink. You can get them in different textiles and colors, creating a new contract and ambiance for the area. You spend a lot of time there anyway, so make it a focal point you love.

3. Paint Your Cabinets

Add some contrast or shade to the room by painting part or all of your cabinets. Look for something that brightens up space and accents your other decor. You don’t have to do all of the areas. It’s trendy to have the lower half a different color from the top.

4. Change the Hardware

Don’t keep your knobs. You probably have the generic ones that came from the builder. Other selections do add to the design of the room. So pick up new kitchen cabinet hardware St Charles to say goodbye to the old and enjoy something new.

5. Use the Island Wall for an Accent

Do you have an island? Have fun with that wall. Add some wallpaper to it for pattern and fun. You could also do shiplap or stick on tile.

6. Buy New Lighting

Toss your old island lights and snag something that grabs attention. This option could also enhance the general brightness of the room as well.

Major kitchen remodels can cost a fortune, but homeowners have alternatives. Make changes to the tiny details. Although they don’t seem significant, they are, adding new life and style to your room.

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