7 Important Elements of Minimalist Home Decoration to Beautify Your Home

A minimalist house is not only seen from its size and design. More than that, there are a number of elements of minimalist home decor that must be present as the most important part. Minimalist style homes are currently increasingly favored by many groups, especially the millennial generation. One of the reasons is because minimalist concept homes have designs that are fresher and closer to the preferences of the current generation.

Decorating a minimalist home is even easier now because the items and Bali Homewares decorative knick-knacks are available everywhere. If you want to decorate a minimalist home, make sure to present the important and main elements first. Here are some elements of minimalist home decor. must have in your home.

7 Elements of Minimalist Home Decor that You Must Have

1. Neutral and Bright Colors

The first element of minimalist Bali Home Decor that is mandatory is the use of neutral and bright colors. Some color choices commonly used in minimalist homes are white, gray, pastel, and monochrome. These colors are not only applied to the walls of the house, but also to floors, ceilings, and furniture.

2. Plain Walls Without Motives

Plain walls without motifs or ornaments are one of the distinctive characteristics of minimalist home decor. Therefore, avoid using decorations on the walls, whether in the form of motifs, ornaments, or wallpaper for wall decoration. According to the principle of “less is more”, it’s better to just let the walls of your house be patternless and only get a touch of paint color.

3. Modern Floor Carpet

If the floor is made plain without anything, you might feel that the impression is too monotonous and flat. As a solution, you can complete a minimalist home decor with a modern floor rug. But remember, you have to be careful in choosing the right carpet so as not to spoil the minimalist impression of the room. Instead, choose a carpet without a pattern or a little pattern with a color that matches the color of the walls of the house.

4. Multifunctional Furniture

That is one of the principles that is strongly held by a minimalist home. This also applies when you choose furniture to display in your minimalist home. Preferably, the selected furniture is multifunctional furniture that can not only save space, but also maximize its usability. Don’t be surprised if a lot of furniture used in minimalist homes is custom or built-in furniture.

5. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is not only useful for maximizing the use of natural energy and minimizing the use of artificial energy. Natural lighting is one of the elements of minimalist home decor that must be present so that the room looks bigger, wider and optimal. More than that, natural lighting can have a major impact on housing and its inhabitants both physically and psychologically.

6. Large Mirror

Apart from taking advantage of natural lighting, you can also optimize the function and feel of a minimalist home with the help of a large mirror. The presence of a large mirror can make the impression as if the house looks wider, more spacious and more spacious. Therefore, this decoration element must be present, especially for those of you who have a small minimalist house.

7. Indoor Ornamental Plants

The last minimalist home decor element that you also have to have is indoor ornamental plants. There have been many studies that prove that ornamental plants not only have aesthetic benefits but also medical benefits.


Tips for Choosing Furniture for a Small Home

For people who have a house with a narrow room size, of course, they have to be good at adjusting furniture that will be used in the house so that it doesn’t look messy. Choosing furniture for a tiny house is a challenge for some people because they have to be very careful in choosing furniture so that it looks right with the house.

If you are one of those people who are confused about choosing furniture for a narrow house, then here are some tips on choosing furniture for a small house that you can apply so you don’t choose the wrong one.

Measure the Room

Before you buy furniture, you should measure the area and length of the room where you will place the furniture. If you buy furniture without estimating the area of the room, you run the risk of making the room look cramped and cramped, so it looks messy.

Choose Furniture That Has Sliding Doors

Choosing furniture with the sliding door method would of course be better if you choose furniture that uses the open method because it will only make the room feel cramped when you open it.

Avoid Purchasing Furniture That Consists of Several Parts

Buying furniture that is broken into small parts is usually considered good enough to save space, but actually this is not the case because furniture that is broken into small pieces will only make the room seem messy and fill the room.

Simple models

Buying furniture for homes that have a small space should choose furniture that has a simple model so that later furniture is easy to move if you want to renovate the room.

Choose Furniture That Has Neutral Colors

Even if you buy furniture that is large in size, if the furniture uses a neutral color or matches the background where you place the furniture it will not make the room look cramped.

Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

Choosing furniture with multi-function, of course, will be very suitable to be placed in a narrow room. For example, if you buy a chair, choose the type of chair where the bottom can be used as a place for storing goods.