7 Inspiration for Front Patio Models for a Modern Home Look

Currently there are lots of inspirational front porch models that can be applied to your home. By arranging it properly, the area which is part of the outside has a big contribution in making the house beautiful. Not only does it make the facade and the whole house beautiful, a good front porch model also provides the added benefit of being a place to relax and enjoy the outside air. If you want to renovate a house to keep it modern, you can also start from the terrace first, you can try visiting the patio covers Los Angeles, find out what the modern front porch models are like? Follow the following discussion.

Introducing the traditional concept on the terrace

Looking contemporary is not mandatory with a modern concept. Today’s traditional impression can also appear modern with a certain polish. You can apply the model of the front porch of the house with traditional elements that mix bamboo, wood, rattan and so on. With tiled floors, rattan furniture, and booths, the front porch of the house will have a traditional but modern impression.

Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, an oversized booth can reduce sun glare, allow wind to enter the room, and control the direct gaze of the householder. Moreover, at certain times, the sunlight that penetrates the skin of this building can introduce the dynamism of bright shadows and form an interesting space atmosphere.

Relax with a fish pond

As stated earlier, the bonus function of the terrace can also be a relaxing space with family. The model of the front porch of the house with a fish pond and some plants can add comfort when spending time in this area. The sound of water splashing and the cool air from the plants adds serenity to the front porch of your house. Don’t forget to add a comfortable sofa and table so that when you and your family relax, it will still be fun.

Wooden floor terrace

When you set foot in your home, amaze guests starting from the terrace. One trick is to use wood as the front porch floor of the house. Wood keeps the terrace atmosphere natural, especially if there is a yard around it. The model of the front porch of the house with wooden floors can also be enhanced with various decorative elements, such as rattan sofas, carpets, beanbags, to beautiful flower pots.

Shade with pergola

There are many ways to increase the comfort of the front porch model of the house. One way to do this is by using a pergola – a shade or protection from the heat and sun or you can find information and contact la custom blinds. To make it even more shady, you can raise the vines right at the top of the pergola. A shady and safe terrace makes all family members feel at home on the terrace.

Welcoming guests on the front porch of the house

There is also a model of the front porch of the house that can be used to welcome guests. Especially for those of you whose homes don’t have much space, take advantage of the existence of the front porch of your house for this purpose. A simple living room can be presented with an accumulation of sofas and tables. That way, visiting events can also be more relaxed without seeming stiff.

Minimalist front porch model

Minimalist house is a design concept that is widely applied by home owners in Jakarta. Its simple impression but always looks modern makes it so loved. Not only through the minimalist interior, you can also bring this concept to the front porch of the house. You only need to place some sofas as needed and a table in the middle. Don’t forget to add a small pot of plants on the table as a sweetener.

Simple front porch model

The model of the front porch of the house can determine the face of the residential building. If your house has a simple but modern style, then the model of the front porch of the house must also be adapted to the design style of this simple house. You don’t need a lot of furniture, just put 1 table and 1 sofa for relaxing moments on the terrace of the house. That way, the simplicity of the front porch of the house with a fa├žade that looks as it is can also appear harmonious.

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