Don’t Sign Away Decades of Life

I’ve always found that apartments are far more of a comfortable setting than a home. Outside of the sheer amount of cleaning, upkeep and who knows what else that home owners have to concern themselves with in an already busy schedule, there’s also the taxes. At least with an apartment all I have to do is pay the cost of the rent, sometimes the utilities and that’s that. Apartments for Parkville MO have been my home for the past two years and without all that nonsense upkeep I have had all kinds of free time on my hands. I’ve got to admit that I’m happier than ever now that I finally was able to escape from under the burden of home ownership.

It’s only American social standards which pressure young adults into a financial contract of multi-decades. That same social pressures has unspoken expectations of what success is perceived to be. One of those metrics is home ownership. I’m not one for signing away multiple decades of my life on a whim as dictated by some paper work and bankers in an office that I’ll never see again – unless, of course, I miss a payment on the house. No, I rather much deal with a land lord who may come by once in a while.

Without the complexity that is any financial contract made with an institution, I’ve discovered that there are far fewer things for me to worry myself about. Managing my money has become simpler. My budget has found a net positive that I thought I had once only imagined but had long forgotten during the first year of my mortgage. I count myself lucky that I was able to come out from that ahead instead of behind, unlike so many others who found out the hard way.