Signs of a Troubled Foundation

A home’s foundation is one of the most important aspects of any residential building. This is the place that should withstand the test of time. However, sometimes the foundation can be damaged due to natural disasters or uneven settling of the ground beneath the house. If this is the case, you can find foundation repair PA professionals that can assess the situation. Here are three common signs to look for if you think you have a troubled foundation.

Doors and Windows Misaligned

A common sign that your foundation is not settling the way it is supposed to is if you find that doors and windows throughout your house become crooked or misaligned. While you may not be able to see this with the naked eye, you will know that this is occurring if windows and doors become harder to open and close, or if the door swings open by itself because it is too far from the frame to latch.

Interior Cracks

A troubled foundation may make cracks appear on the walls inside your home. These cracks often occur around doors and windows, but can appear almost anywhere depending on the severity of the foundation damage. Other interior signs that your foundation needs repair include gapping baseboards, sloping floors, popped drywalls nails and baseboards or crown molding that comes loose or look misaligned at the seams.

Exterior Cracks in the Walls

A home’s concrete or brick footings may experience the occasional small crack, but if you see cracks in the foundation that are large and follow a regular pattern can point to a serious problem. It could indicate that the ground underneath or just behind the footing is settling, but doing so unevenly which could lead to bigger problems later on.