Simple Luxurious Minimalist Bathroom Model Inspiration

These various bathroom inspirations are perfect when applied to occupancy. Surely there are many luxurious but simple minimalist bathroom model. You can find some inspiration based on the type of toilet used, such as a squatting or sitting toilet. The following is an inspiration for a simple luxury minimalist bathroom model.

Bathroom Model

1. Luxurious Minimalist Bathroom Design

For those of you who have limited space for the bathroom, you can choose this one design. The bathroom is made by utilizing the room as much as possible. Even in a limited area, you can include a bathtub in it. With the use of ceramics that reflect the shadow, the bathroom looks wider. Apart from the bathtub, a toilet seat can also be added on the other side. It’s just that, the size of the toilet is also small considering the limited space you have.

2. Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom in Black and White Colors

Simple and beautiful. That’s the right word to describe this beautiful minimalist bathroom design. The dominance of white carries a minimalist concept so that small spaces look bigger than they really are. Even though it is dominated by white, this room does not look boring with the presence of tiles with unique motifs.

3. Simple Bathroom with Squat Toilet

We find quite a lot of this simple minimalist bathroom model. Water tub on one side while the other side as a toilet. Another characteristic, namely the use of ceramic mosaic-shaped bathroom walls. Well, this is where you can be creative so that the bathroom looks cooler and cleaner. Various variations of ceramics, such as mosaics, monochrome, or floral motifs. This depends on your individual tastes.

4. Minimalist Bathroom with Monochrome Concept

For a luxurious minimalist bathroom, you can use natural stone with black and white motifs on the walls and floor to make this bathroom look quite colorful. One type of stone that you can use, namely andesite stone.

5. Minimalist Bathroom with Sitting Toilet

In the past, many designs avoided using black on the grounds that it looked dirty, different from today. However, now black is starting to become a favorite as the main color because of the luxurious and elegant impression it exudes. Especially in the application of a luxurious minimalist black bathroom model, it gives a quite luxurious impression.

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