The important elements of kitchen renovation

Whether your kitchen has become outdated, worn-out, or want a new look, kitchen renovations play an essential part in improving the aesthetics and function of the space while also increasing the home’s resale value. While the thought of having your kitchen renovated may seem exciting, you need to be careful about how to go about the process. Certain elements must be done in a renovation, while others can be left out. This paper discusses the important elements of a kitchen renovation. If you have rental houses, it is important to know that having landlord insurance is important. Landlord insurance will cover financial losses related to your rental properties. However, to ensure you are adequately covered, get your landlord insurance from a reputable insurance company. You can visit review sites such as and look at landlord insurance reviews in UK. Avoid the negatively reviewed landlord insurance companies, and this way, you’ll get a reputable insurer. Below are the important elements of a kitchen renovation.

The layout

Your kitchen’s layout is one of the most essentials of a kitchen renovation. Typically, there’s so much activity in the kitchen, and a kitchen arrangement needs to allow an efficient workflow.  The kitchen work triangle is a kitchen layout that has been proven to be efficient. It was developed to scrutinise the efficacy between three major appliances found in the kitchen the stove, the refrigerator and the sink. It is a great tool that you can include in your kitchen renovation layout.

Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops play an important role and are a central point of the kitchen. Countertops are frequently used, and you need to factor this into your kitchen renovation plan. Ensure that you aim for countertops that will be durable enough to bear recurrent use. If you need high-end countertops that are scratch, wear & tear and heat resistant, then you can go for natural stone countertops, including engineered quartz and granite. These stone options, when sealed appropriately, can remain intact for decades which makes them a perfect choice to withstand the regular use of countertops.

Kitchen cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets should be a major point of focus in your kitchen renovation plan and perhaps the item that will make the most significant portion of your budget. Aim for new custom cabinetry, or you can contemplate cabinet refacing.

Electrical and lighting  

When planning for a kitchen renovation, lighting consideration is vital. A well planned and designed lighting schedule will always show a wisely designed kitchen. Work together with a lighting expert to offer you the guidance you need in your kitchen renovation as far as its lighting is concerned. Some of the lighting considerations to make include;

  1. Decorative lighting options
  2. General overall space lighting
  3. Outlet locations and switching systems
  4. Over cabinet, under cabinet and inside cabinet lighting for critical functions, task and overall kitchen aesthetics
  5. Task lighting: Renovate your kitchen such that critical areas that most of the work is done will have adequate lighting


An old, worn-out kitchen floor makes the room look outdated. A new flow will have a significant change in the feel and look of the room. If you are planning to sell your home, a new flooring helps increase the home’s marketability. Go for flooring options that are resistant to moisture as the kitchen is often prone to splatter and spills. The best flooring option is tile flooring. It is best in terms of value, design and function. If you are looking for affordability, you can choose linoleum and Vinyl flooring, which come in designs mimicking the appearance of wood or tile flooring.

Wall colour

A kitchen renovation plan shouldn’t leave out the paint colour for the kitchen walls. The colour you go for plays a big role in setting the space’s mood. Neutral and light colours are known to create a timeless look. On the other hand, if you want a vibrant and exciting look go for bold and bright colours. However, this latter choice of colours is less attractive to buyers and thus, if you are looking to sell the home, go for the timeless look.

Finishing touches

The final touches are key in kitchen renovations. Some of these final touches include backsplash, seating options and other enhancing items. A good general rule is to contrast the colour of your cabinets with the chosen paint colour, which will help add to your space some dimension. Have a similar concept to your backsplash; contrast it with your countertop and cabinets. It is in your kitchen renovation’s final touches that your personality comes out.

In conclusion, kitchen renovations are important, especially for outdated houses. They help improve the look of the space and add to the home’s value, meaning you’ll sell the house at a higher price.