Tips Before Making Basement

Basement can also be an idea to make a house with a more complete room. You can use as a functional room. Not only as a garage or vehicle parking area, but also for sports venues or other rooms that prioritize privacy. The following are some tips before making a basement.


1. Smooth Air Circulation

As we already know, the basement is under the house and is closed. Basements that do not have proper air circulation will feel damp and stuffy. This also causes us to have difficulty breathing and an uncomfortable room to live in. As a solution, you can install an exhaust fan so that air from outside can enter the room.

2. Development Costs

Before you build, make sure the budget you have is enough to build all the building components along with the furniture and equipment in them. If it is stopped in the middle of the road for reasons of insufficient funds, the room will be empty, and this will result in weakening the robustness of the house.

3. Pay Attention to the Basement Outer Limits

The safety outer boundary line or what is called the border is the line that is set when building a room or building. Make sure the boundary line does not block equipment that is installed underground, such as power lines, water pipes, tree roots, and so on.

4. Pay Attention to Materials and Development Materials

When building a basement, make sure you already know what materials are suitable for use here. The reason is, this room is not the same as other rooms because it is located which is suppressed by the staple material of the house builder above it. Choose a solid foundation that can support heavy loads such as sheet piles, a material made of steel.

5. Humidity in the Room

This is a problem that is most often found in many basements because it is sandwiched by soil and the foundation of the house. Apart from building windows, you can also paint the basement walls using a layer of water-repellent paint so that the walls don’t get wet when it rains. You are also not advised to install wallpaper because it will accelerate the growth of mold in damp corners.

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